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Featured Articles

Date: 31st January 2018
Category: Ask The Trio  

Club achievements are almost instantly being reported in the toastmasters.org site. However, when it comes to recognition of these achievements, there is so much delay. Why would the club president write to TI to send these recognitions? Can't it be automated, since it is already captured in toastmasters.org web page? Or the district/region could order these ribbons in bulk and recognize clubs as and when PQD and his team notices this achievement?
- TM Vijay Gangadharan, Hyderabad Toastmasters

It is unfortunate that you are not able to get the awards as announced by TI and have to follow up. Please forward those specific scenarios or situations to us we shall forward it as a case to TI and request for an answer. If the solution is for the District to procure the ribbons and deliver them, we are open to doing that.

(To Ravi) What has been the most challenging yet at the same time most fruitful incident/situation in your journey so far?
- TM Joy Hans, XLRATORS-The Miyapur, Hyderabad

I am still very early and growing as a person and hence it is difficult to quantify the situations/incidents that are most challenging. From a Toastmasters journey perspective, the role of the District Officer is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience for me. I have led the club for more than two years and I understand the challenges involved in it, but when you lead outside your club the situation changes. You are working with leaders whom you won't be interacting with daily, who are far more mature and knowledgeable, who have different perspectives. To keep such group together and still be able to execute your plans is the greatest learning. I wish that everyone in Toastmasters experiences it and I am sure they will tell you the same story.

Given the speed of our growth in opening new clubs, have we paused to see if these clubs can sustain themselves in the long-term?
- TM Beena Mandrekar, Baner Toastmasters Club, Pune

For the CGD team this year, our focus is more on club retention than on club growth. Sadly we haven't been able to publicize this strongly enough. This year. we've tried to see how we can give more support to clubs so that they can achieve success. 70+ clubs winning the membership award for excellence in membership retention is a testimony to this. Specific to new clubs, for the first time in District 98, we built a democratic approach towards selecting club sponsors, mentors, and coaches. While this helped us build our teams and bandwidth in these spaces, we realized that there is more of capability building that is needed. We are focussing on training them to enable them to do their job better. If we are able to ensure enablement of this in the right fashion, we're sure longevity of our clubs will increase.

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