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One push to leadership

By TM Umme Salma Babrawala There are many times that a responsible individual is given a leadership position. Then, there are other times when leadership positions make one responsible. My journey into Toastmasters leadership started in the year 2013. I joined Toastmasters to enhance my speaking abilities. I was never interested in taking up any…

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The Toastmasters Podcast – Behind the scenes with Ryan and Greg

As Toastmasters, we focus most of our energy on becoming a better speaker. However, listening also plays a vital role. The Toastmasters Podcast is one such channel that helps Toastmasters become better listeners. Hosted by Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque and Greg Gazin, this podcast sponsored by Toastmaster International has aired more than 140 episodes till…

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Stepping Stones to Success

TM Vibha Pandey  In May 2017, I had just completed my Competent Communicator manual and was searching for a community club where I could kick start my Advanced Communication journey. After attending 4-5 demo meetings, I joined Bibvewadi Toastmasters Club as a charter member. The first phase of this club, just after its installation, was…

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3 Ways Toastmasters Gave Me A New Lease of Life

  “If an Egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If it is broken by an inside force, life begins.”   I was that Egg and Toastmasters that inside force which has given me “New Life”.   Below are few highlights of my journey with Toastmasters:- 1.  Toastmasters gave me the courage to…

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The Unsung Heroes of Club Success

Last year, when an opportunity to be a Club Mentor presented itself to me, I took it up not really aware of the journey that lay ahead. The first few months were challenging, but eventually, the experience turned out to be very rewarding. Moreover, it gave me an insight into an area of Toastmasters that…

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What Is Our Story?

What is our story as a Club? What is our story as a District? Does our story resemble a boring daily serial, an exciting Tom Cruise movie, or an edge of the seat thriller where we don’t know what’s going to happen next? What’s our story and who scripts it? We have been a President’s…

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