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TM Avaanticka Narayan, District Pathways Chair

> What recognition are we giving to clubs for encouraging Pathways (except for those who are in pursuit of the Diamond Club Award) ?

TM Kaustubh Ghanekar, Deccan Toastmasters Club

Individuals will be acknowledged at Division conferences for completing certain levels in Pathways.

> How do we get credit in Pathways for conducting speeches from manuals like the Successful Club Series manual?

TM Balkrishna Kamath, YMCA Toastmasters Club

The existing Successful Club series remains available during the two year transition period. Pathways projects do not qualify as Successful Club series projects. While members are welcome to complete these projects, they will not receive credit in Pathways for doing so.

> If members are following different paths in which they develop their competencies, then how can they all be judged by the same criteria in any of the speech contests?

TM Balkrishna Kamath, YMCA Toastmasters Club

There are 5 core competencies that people can build through Pathways. (Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Leadership, Management and Confidence) The core competency of focus for every Path is different. Directly comparing competency to competency between Traditional and Pathways is not recommended, because in the Traditional program you can build up to 68 competencies and in Pathways you can build upto 300. Speech contests test a certain set of those 300 competencies that you can develop. Hence if you want to do well in a certain contest, you should identify and work on those particular competencies pertaining to that specific contest.

> As per the traditional program, to complete ACG, we have to mentor the first 3 speeches of the CC manual to get a credit. Can we get credit for mentoring the first 3 speeches of Pathways?

TM Dimple Mehta, Mumbai Toastmasters

Yes. A mentor receives CL or ACG credit for mentoring a new member through three speeches, regardless of whether those speeches are in the current education program, in Pathways, or a combination of the two

> Does approving the Base Camp Manager for a speaker mean filing an educational award for a speaker?

TM Aaron Colaco, Area B2 Director

Once approval is complete for a level, the Base Camp Manager can submit an achievement on Club Central as soon as they mark the level as complete on Base Camp. Level completions for credit in the Distinguished Club program are re-tracked through Club Central, not Base Camp.

> For an Advanced club to be chartered, what should be the minimum Level a speaker should complete in Pathways?

TM Sanjan Shetty, Mumbai Toastmasters

Advanced Clubs are at their discretion to set requirements for membership for the Traditional Program and Pathways. For more information contact

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