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The Humorous Speech Contest

By TM AVS Prasad Around contest time, you often find sour-faced individuals milling about in Toastmasters clubs. Upon inquiry, you find that they are contestants for the Humorous Speech Contest. Most of them lose what little sense of humor they had as they prepare for and deliver their contest speeches. As the contest date approaches…

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Toastmasters was the call I was waiting for

By TM Kapil K Somawaram I served Talent Acquisition function and I enjoyed talking to people, interviewing candidates, negotiating with them day-in and day-out for over 13 years. And then, there was a major paradigm shift in my career. I moved to Software Consulting in Oracle HCM as a Functional Consultant. Here, the focus was…

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The Toastmasters Podcast – Behind the scenes with Ryan and Greg

As Toastmasters, we focus most of our energy on becoming a better speaker. However, listening also plays a vital role. The Toastmasters Podcast is one such channel that helps Toastmasters become better listeners. Hosted by Bo Bennett, Ryan Levesque and Greg Gazin, this podcast sponsored by Toastmaster International has aired more than 140 episodes till…

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