Twenty-five and New

Ashwin Sasikumar
Synopsys Hyderabad Toastmasters

29th May, it was a Wednesday morning. Woke up late to go to the office as usual. Got off the bed, hurriedly showered, wore my best clothes, skipped breakfast and ran to work. Oh Wait! need to get a box of sweets on the way – it’s my Birthday, of course! People at office showered me with wishes as I reached my cubicle, decorated with balloons.

As the smoke settles, thoughts pour in. It’s 25 and new – “Twenty-five and new!” I reiterated in my mind. Now, I can’t start to explain where that thought had begun. I turned a year old and to me, it seems like just a new beginning.  Well, for starters, nothing physically changed in me except for the dense hair I once had. Tried and failed diets tell the story of my bloated tummy. Maybe it is just a thought that poses when you start paying your own bills – you feel more in control (or less while paying taxes). Certainly, turning twenty-five affected me. Things started to change in me at subatomic levels.

Walking ‘round the corner with Highway to hell by AC/DC blaring in my ear, my stray thoughts started taking shape. The younger me used to cherish the anachronistic lyrics and music of the times long gone. Today, my music folder is a hotchpotch of EDM, hip-hop, metal, Beatles, Pink Floyd, and what-not. No longer do I prefer that fast-food experience I used to crave for, as I take a bite of my Subway sandwich. A healthy mix of lentils (daal) and rice can fill my soul for days. From a person who used to shy away from problems, today, I realized how they are best dealt with if you just stick out the right finger at its face. Yes, a THUMBS UP! Different situations have taught me how to embrace challenges and even grow in them.

Parents turning old takes a mental toll on you – every strand of hair that greys on mom’s hair pain your heart. More unsettling was how my friend circle had shrunk since school days. How things have changed from slurping each other’s sip-ups to forming small gangs to barely even wishing them on Birthdays! “Arghhh. Twenty-five is tough!” I thought to myself. Immediately took out my phone, thanked the few friends that remembered to wish before I did anything else. Daily 10 am call with my mom went much longer than the usual five minutes chat today. As some printer clicks and clatters at distant, I came back to myself. I was late by an hour to join the high-level meeting. “Oh well, somethings never change,” I told myself, plugged in my earphones and increased the volume two-notch up – Let it be… let it be… by the Beatles.

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