Who Am I?

Chinmay Patil
Mumbai Toastmasters

You are smart, you are handsome, you are funny, you are kind, you are unique, you are worthy of love and affection, you are precious like a diamond and most stunning of all of God’s creations. 

I am not perfect, though I’m working on myself to be the best version of myself. Because I AM ME! 

Each and every person out there is searching for one principle “Who they are”, which sprouts up the question in the back of their mind Who am I? and at times half of their life goes to waste figuring it out. So next time, if the question arises, well I just got you an introduction.

After completing all my grades in 2010, a new phase of my life began. Yes! College life. For me college life was like a FAX machine, it was Flexible, loads of Aspiration hidden in it and the X-factor. And, here the X-factor was public speaking. Being a shy and quiet teenager, I never really liked to speak in public or give a speech. And, this ignited my fear of public speaking.

In 2014, as I turned 18, a magical chapter unlocked the doors of my life. On 23rd March 2014, I stepped into a Toastmasters Club for the very first time. As the meeting progressed, I was so impressed with the structure and the flow of the meeting. And as soon as the meeting concluded, I immediately took membership of Toastmasters. After a  few weeks, potential learning began. At every meeting, I stepped onto the stage and no matter how small the role was that I performed, it with full dedication and passion. 

Initially, I went through some tough situations, i.e. forgetting my lines in between, shivering limbs, and my heart drumming up a beat of an expert drummer. Gradually all these things simply vanished, as I utilized more stage time by speaking on personal stories and informative topics and I controlled my body language in a smooth and natural manner.

In 2015, I participated for the first time in the International Speech Contest (ISC) and lost at the club level. In 2016, I competed again in ISC but lost again at the club level. In 2017, I gave another attempt in the ISC and yet again lost at the club level. Now, in order to find “Who am I” in that very situation, would I be calling myself a LOSER? No! Not at all! Toastmasters gave me a platform to rediscover myself and I was able to create my own identity. Because I knew I had the ability to speak and I love speaking. 

Till the present day, I have spoken at Toastmasters clubs across Mumbai and at various stages even outside Toastmasters and this time it does not no matter whether it’s a win or loss. Now, whenever I have stepped on the stage, I am always armed with my full potential and perform with great enthusiasm. Even today, I appreciate myself for being consistent with Toastmasters for the past 5 years and have gained tremendous learning from various senior and incoming members. In the end, I have been successful in answering the question “Who am I”? and it is called “THE POTENTIAL PERFORMER”.    

Edited and Compiled by Nikita Mondkar
Content Curator – Communicate 98 2019-20

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