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Date: 31st December 2017
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Cecille Lee Rodrigues

Music and Dance - a part of the Goan DNA. An exclusive Tete- a -tete by our Goan TM Luven Rodrigues with Cecille Lee Rodrigues. Cecille is a person full of life, an entrepreneur and a passionate dancer who led the way to become a trendsetter in Goa in the field of Dance and fitness. She was declared, 1st runner-up at Dance India Dance Super Mom in 2013.

1) When did you have your first dance? What is your story?

Dance started as a passion from a young age. Days when, there were no channels like Starplus, my friend Savitri and I watched Doordarshan, imitate the Bollywood styles and entertain friends and family.The applause after the performance was reason enough to keep entertaining. When I was in the 8th Std we formed an all-girls dance group called "Scorpions" and started doing stage shows. One of our parents would accompany us every time and that is how my first step towards this dancing journey began. Dance became an important part of my life. I would never trade it for anything else.

2) You made us proud representing Goa at Dance India Dance supermom. How did you think of taking it up and what were your challenges?

Dance India Dance was always a dream. I auditioned in DID season 2 in 2009 but was out in the 4th round. I thought my dreams were completely shattered. In 2013, when my son was 2 and a half, DID super Mom auditions were announced. It seemed too good to be true then, I plunged into it with excitement. Winning the show was not important, my dream was to reach out there, perform and see for myself if I still have it in me. I got selected and the rest is history. This phase placed a number of challenges on my way. Leaving my son behind was the toughest. I did overcome each of them, it taught me to overcome my fears and I totally understood the importance of Family support.

A duet or group dancer that I was, DID super mom pushed me to my limits, to perform Solo on a National platform. During rehearsals, I would get hardly 2 hrs of sleep, stress levels were high. With a metal plate in my back, I danced in pain but it was worth it. Leaving my 2 yr old son behind was the most challenging of them all. I drew strength from my family. their support and belief in me fuelled me.

3) Everyone has a bad day, on days when you feel low, how does it affect you as a performer?

I think everyone has bad days. The only way to deal with it is to remain positive and think of how fortunate you are to have a better life. It is all about how you can make things work for you. If you have a bad day, you tend to pass that negative energy to others and the entire aura can be negative. Well, I start my day by teaching dance in a school, so I tell myself, I have children who are waiting for me with eager faces, so I get all the positive energy and put my act together. When I'm performing too, I overpower any negativity around as, I have to connect with my audience, entertain them, make them feel happy and I cannot pass on the right vibes, until I'm happy from within. It's tough, but if you make it a habit to be happy and be positive, it is possible.

4) From a passionate dancer, you set your footsteps into entrepreneurship. How did you lead the way?

I'm a multifaceted person and I wanted to explore more avenues of my creativity. I love to do different things. I run my dance academy, Zumba fitness center, I features in two ads and I also have my Konkani movie premiere is on Jan 9th, 2018. Currently, I'm running this cafe; "Hugs & Mugs Art Cafe", it is a collaborative venture with 2 friends and I have enjoyed each and every aspect of shaping it to what it looks like today. I believe we must learn, take a break, do different things.

5 ) Your thoughts to our Toastmaster Fraternity

I have a few friends in Toastmasters, I believe it provides an amazing platform for people to better themselves in communication and leadership. Passion, connection, the presence of mind, discipline, technique, freedom of body movement, rehearsal. Each of these elements is common to both Public speaking and dancing. Two completely disparate forms of presenting to the audience but have so much in common. Wishing you all the very best maybe you should try some creative dancing sessions in Toastmasters too. My message to you all is if you wish to achieve something in life then there is nothing that can stop you, just follow your dreams- Take the Right steps, Make the Right Moves!


>Describe yourself in 3 words
Unpredictable, crazy, caring

>A song that can make Cecille dance all day

>Waltz or Jive

>Sunrise or Sunset
In Goa only sunset

>Your idea about the Cover page image of the magazine "World's Best Dancer"?
All the dancers together

>Your biggest addiction
My casual clothes

>Most cherished dancing memory
DID Supermom stage n my upcoming movie

>Love to eat or eat to Live
Love to eat

>Your perfect Holiday destination
Exploring Goa

>Cecille's Golden Mantra in Life
One life to live, so live it to the fullest, experience everything that life has to offer.

Edited and compiled by Luven

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