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Date: 31st December 2017
Category: Leader Speak  

DTM Ujjaval Modi | Amdavad Toastmasters Club

Since September 2013, after being a member of Toastmasters I have grown by leaps and bounds. No words can describe the person I have transformed into. Before my term as an Area Director, around a year and half ago, I was involved in building a club in Vadodara. I noticed many clubs in Gujarat; failing due to performance not being up to the mark.

Inspite of clubs organized various events, they were scattered because of communication gap. People did not know each other that well, bonding was the missing factor. In order to overcome this, I conceptualized Gujarat Area Meet, a platform where members from entire Gujarat can be under one roof to network, share their ideas and enhance their team spirit. This initiative helped me create a family of Gujarat Toastmasters.

I am fond of digital platforms. I leveraged that interest to connect people digitally. Thus came about the WhatsApp group, Facebook page, and Instagram account. Gradually people started floating messages about anything special and regular meet posters. Members across Gujarat were recognized for their achievements which boosted the confidence of everyone. At times, quite intentionally milestone events were rolled out at social platforms which gave rise to a very positive competition and learning. This resulted in personal growth as they got another platform to discover their potential. As the bonding got concrete, collaboration improved.

Throughout my journey, I tried to motivate people by my infusing positivity.

I kept on hosting some events/trainings every quarter which gave me an opportunity to hone leadership skills as well as to strengthen the unity amongst members. One of the most successful ones is 'Quiz-O-Toast' an online quiz contest of three days for which we had a participation of around 70 members across District 98. Quiz-O-Toast was the first initiative from this division. I am overwhelmed to share that the team worked tirelessly to make it work.

We did have hurdles that we as a team encountered and thus this event reinforced the belief that if you have something positive in mind and an intention to contribute to society, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

I along with my team started looking for new clubs; we did demo meets, open house etc Though we failed several times, we were always hopeful. We distinguished tangible and intangible goals and dreamt quite realistically.

Lastly, I'm very much thankful to each and every member of Gujarat toastmasters for being by my side in roller coaster ride-President's Distinguished Area and for raising the flag of Gujarat in the map of District98.

Edited and compiled by Malvi

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