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# Award Name Recognising Condition Eligibility Recognition Awarding
1 Guiding star Supporting clubs achieve Excellence For new club mentors who have helped clubs achieve excellence as Distinguished Club or above. Not for Clubs formed by Split. Club President and one member to sign off the form certifying support from the Mentor and having visited the club for a minimum of 6 meetings. Clubs chartered from June 2017 would be eligible Lapel Pin As many
2 RISING STAR Excellence For clubs chartered from June 1, 2017 that achieve excellence by achieving PDC status President?s Distinguished Club by June 30, 2018 Citation Trophy As many
3 Excellence in Education & Leadership Education & Leadership Awards For clubs that record 15 or more education and leadership awards (excluding LDREX and DTM) for unique members Minimum 15 unique awards across the year and the club should have a min of 20 members at the end of the term Citation Trophy As many
4 Flag Bearer Award Excellence All New Clubs that were never distinguished & achieve Distinguished Status, chartered post July 2017. Achieving distinguished status under the DCP for the first time since inception. Citation President of the eligible Clubs
5 Phoenix Determination, Dedication and Focus Clubs must achieve Distinguished status as of June 30, 2018 Clubs achieving Distinguished or above status that have less than or equal to 13 members as of July 1, 2017 Citation Trophy As many
6 The torchbearer AWARD Excellence Top 10 clubs which achieve the highest points in the club meeting Quality metre, refer Page 7 The club should have submitted club success plans before August 2017 Toastmaster Pin to the VP-ED of the club 10
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