Pulse of Club Success

Embracing Milestone Celebration : Pulse of Club Success in Toastmasters “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”- Nelson Mandela At Ghodbunder Toastmasters Club (GTM), we strongly believe in celebrating each milestone

Using Notion for Club Management

Using Notion for Club Management “Effective communication is crucial in any management setting, particularly in ensuring clarity and efficiency. All organizations, workplaces, or clubs consist of people trying to work toward a common

Celebrating Extraordinary Journeys

Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters: Celebrating Extraordinary Journeys Creators of Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters Podcast.  Joane Joseph Ron Billimoria At the Eloquence 2023 conference, the idea for “Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters” took root. It

Thane Toastmasters hits 500 !!!

Thane Toastmasters hits 500 !!! Thane Toastmasters was chartered on 8th September 2011 with 21 Members with TM Rajesh Rupani as the Charter President. The Initial meeting place was Nalanda Institute of Management Studies,