11-Years Journey of Transformation

Milestones and Memories: Eminent Toastmaster Club’s 11-Year Journey of Transformation I am thrilled to share that our beloved Eminent Toastmasters Club is celebrating its 11th Anniversary, and it wouldn’t have been possible without

SpeaDoyRators : Hip Hip hurray

SpeaDoyRators : Hip Hip hurray It was a star-studded evening!! All hustle a bustle around the stage, some were busy arranging Light lamps for the opening ceremony and others were busy adjusting the

Timid to Toastmaster – My MTM Journey

Timid to Toastmaster – My MTM Journey Joining Mumbai Toastmasters (MTM) was initially intimidating. The club’s size was intimidating and the eloquence of its members made me question my own abilities. However, the welcoming atmosphere

Newness of Life with Toastmasters

Newness of Life with Toastmasters My journey with Toastmasters began in May 2023. I had been seeking various public speaking platforms before joining Toastmasters, but I couldn’t find any. Accidentally, I came across