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Winner of Design of the Month August 2023

Thought behind flyer by VPPR Jesal Rathore:

The aim was to create a design that could balance creativity and content to communicate effectively in the brand language of Toastmasters. As the designer, I have tried to control how to use the space and colors judiciously to give power to the content.

The design principle used in the design is hierarchy and balance. The thought behind the design was to maintain a visual hierarchy and balance to enhance the content in the design. The division of the space gives the idea about the two parts of the meeting to the audience. The visual elements and patterns used are to highlight the speakers and details of the meeting.

Why and on the Basis of Which Criteria Flyer Was Selected

The flyer was selected based on its excellence in three key areas in comparison to other submitted entries:

Creativity: The flyer effectively conveys meeting details in a visually understandable hierarchy while preserving the theme’s division into two different aspects. 

Innovation:  The flyer effectively uses a simple yet impactful white and maroon scheme with compliant photography suiting the vibe of the poster. 

Impressions:  The flyer makes the viewer pause and engage with the flyer content. 

Moreover, the flyer adheres to the branding guidelines outlined in the branding manual. 

Special Mention under Innovation Design Category


Special Mention under Creativity Design Category


Special Mention under Impression Design Category