February Fireside Dossier

Fireside Dossier - 27th February 2024

Hello District 98 Toastmasters, 

Over the past few years, I have attended many seminars on financial investments and fund management and one thing that has always stayed with me is that ‘You will always get great returns if you invest for a longer time’. This has been proven repeatedly that if we stay invested in a fund or any financial instrument over a longer period it’s bound to attract higher returns. There will be good days and bad days and you will feel like quitting and diluting your investments but remember it is always a marathon and in the long run you will always win.

Toastmasters is also very similar in that sense. Investment of time is a must, only then you will see those returns. Often many members join Toastmasters but are inactive through the term, or give speeches but don’t see any improvement immediately and subsequently quit. Only those who stay in the game for a longer period benefit from Toastmasters. The January edition of Toastmasters’ International magazine carried the story of Emmett Clary, who has been a Toastmaster for over six decades. When asked why he stayed on for so many years he triumphantly says “The change in my life [after joining Toastmasters] was so drastic that I just would never quit. “It’s incredible.”

It’s been over a decade for me too since I joined Toastmasters and truly I can only resonate with the words of Emmett Clary. A lot of you must be contemplating on renewals for the next term and would be planning to quit but before you do so think about why you joined Toastmasters in the first place and give this marathon one more lap before you throw your towel in.


  1. We completed our 3rd District officer training program at Vadodara from Feb 10-11th
  2. DEC #3 was conducted on 18th February online
  3. DEC #4 will be held on 17th May online
  4. DCM #2 will be held between 24 and 26 May at Eloquence 2024
  1. Have you registered yet for Eloquence 2024? 

  1. The Social Media Round of Kahaani 3.0 concluded on February 11th, 2024. Ensure to support your favorite Kahaani and vote for your preferred contestant to secure their spot in the Finals at ELOQUENCE 2024. For videos, follow us on the Instagram handle

  2. The Toastmasters Leadership Training Program for Divisions B|D|M|S|U concluded on 21st January 2024 with 86 clubs having 4+officers trained

  3. Wednesday Wisdom is showcasing some exciting Panel Discussions moderated by D98 Members. Tune in to participate in the same. https://district98.org/wednesday-wisdom/ 

  1. We are delighted to share the news of a new member of the District 98 family.
  • Contentstack Toastmasters Club has been chartered in Virar, Mumbai. 
  1. We are expanding our presence within Mumbai (Borivali – E, Lokhandwala-Kandivali, Mira Road/ Bhayandar, Ghatkopar), Malviya Nagar (Jaipur), Bopal (Ahmedabad). Come be a part of the growth journey or introduce someone whom you believe shall benefit from this.
  2. Are you a student and you believe your peers can benefit from Toastmasters? please reach out to us ([email protected]) we will collaborate for any fests at your college or conduct sessions on Soft Skills/ Personality Development.
  3. Are you part of a corporate or staying in any location that does not have a Toastmasters club? Do you intend to start a club since it will benefit your peers, please reach out to the Club Growth Director’s office
  4.  Do you believe your people interaction skillset can contribute to the growth of the district? Come become part of the CGD extended team, drop in an email to the CGD office.


  Awards for Feb’24:    

  1. Influencer Award: Add or refer 3/5/7/10 new members and based on whether you are an Influencer, Influencer PRO, Influencer PRO MAX or Influencer Ultra Pro Max you will be rewarded.
  • Award: TI Merchandises or Eloquence discount 
  1. Talk Up Toastmasters award: add five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between February 1 and March 31, and you’ll receive a special Talk Up Toastmasters ribbon to display on your club’s banner. 
  • Award: Merchandise for the club comes directly from Toastmasters International

The following awards have been extended till 29th Feb, do not miss the chance to grab them!

  1. Dynamo Club:
  • Criteria: Clubs that achieve 5 DCP points and complete 20 renewals/ Base+3 (as applicable) by Feb 15, 2024.
  • Award: TI merchandise from District 98
  1. Growth Leader Award 
  • Criteria: Any member, not a district officer comes up with a lead and the club gets successfully chartered. 
  • Process: Nomination by Division Director (before commencement of club charter process) to Club Growth Director office.
  •  Award: Plaque for the member 

D98 Podcast – THE NEXT LEVEL 3.0

As we enter the most awaited contest season with the International Speech Contest around the corner, have you started prepping yourself for the same? Check out the latest podcast in the series of ‘Breakfast with Champions’, with Nisha Shivram, 1st Runner Up of World Championship of Public Speaking 2023 here.

Additionally, there are 3 more podcasts already available to help you ace the upcoming contest. Listen to them all, here.

100 Years Resources

Did you know October 22, 2024, will mark 100 years since the first Toastmasters meeting? It’s official: from now through December 31, 2024, you are invited to celebrate in centennial style with resources developed at World Headquarters specifically for you and your clubs/Districts. Please utilize and have fun with these specially created resources (no need to create your own):

100 Years Logos—Use these dazzling logos all year long to commemorate everything Toastmasters.

Limited-Edition Memorabilia—Mark this milestone year by collecting exclusive 100 Years merchandise.

Digital Wallpapers—Show off the 100 Years excitement utilizing digital wallpapers/backgrounds for your meetings, desktop, and/or phone.

Email Signature—Sign off with centennial pride every time you send an email.

PowerPoint Template—Get in the centennial spirit with a specially designed PowerPoint template.

Updated Brand Manual 2023

An updated version of the Toastmasters Brand Manual was released in late 2023. We hope you have gone through the same in detail and have started using the enhanced and updated features and options available to take your already fascinating designs to the next level. You can access the updated 2023 version of the Brand Manual here.

Additionally, an easy-to-access and use version of the same can be accessed here.


Toastmasters is more than just a community. It’s a network of people with diverse talents across professions beyond the limitations of geography.

It’s a place where the professional and extracurricular achievements of our members are not only seen and encouraged but celebrated and shared, inspiring others to reach newer heights and pursue their passion with confidence and determination.

Check out the list of DynamoD98ers here

Do you have something that makes you a #DynamoD98er? You could be featured by D98 by simply sending an email to [email protected]

DOM (Design of the Month) – Jan 2024

Have you checked out the results of the DOM Jan 2024 contest, yet? Click here to see if your design made it under the special mention categories. Keep inspiring us with your designs as you continue to take Toastmasters to places!

Raunaq Raje
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