SpeaDoyRators : Hip Hip hurray

SpeaDoyRators : Hip Hip hurray

It was a star-studded evening!! All hustle a bustle around the stage, some were busy arranging Light lamps for the opening ceremony and others were busy adjusting the awards that were to be given to the talented members of the club. It was a night that was going to be remembered and cherished by one and all, for many years to come.

It was SpeaDoyRators Anniversary Meet!! On 6th January 2024, three clubs of Areas J2 and J4 of District98, collaborated to celebrate their club anniversary together.

RG Speakers (7th Anniversary)+ RG Doyens (5th Anniversary)+ RG Orators (5th Anniversary). Teams were formed to look after different work areas like the Awards chair, PR Chair, Entertainment Chair, and Logistics Chair and to lead them all were the Convenors under the able guidance of all 3 Club Presidents.


Celebrating such a grand event in Hybrid mode, at the serene Outdoor Venue of RG Greens Township in Jamnagar, was an achievement in itself.

Opening Address from our Online Guest of Honour, District 98 Director TM Hardik Shah was a delight. He applauded “all the 3 Clubs for being the Gems Of D98”.

Special wishes from our Division J Director DTM Khushal Lalwani, were so encouraging! The presence of Club Growth Director DTM Joydeep Bhowmik was much appreciated!

The Appreciative address from both Area Directors – TM Saishri Sastri and TM Himanshu Sinha was a huge motivation to all.



All the 3 Club Presidents proudly addressed the gathering and applauded every member as well as the Leader of the club.. both past and current .. for making the respective clubs reach great heights. The Presidents gave out the respective Club Awards to glorious achievers in the presence of our Special Guests of Honour from Reliance Industries Ltd., Shri SS Saini, Shri Samir Patel, Shri Jeyaval Sinha, Shri Pahwa.

Different events were lined up to make the event Grand. Our Masters of Ceremony TM Tarun Sharma and TM Riddhi Shah owned the stage gracefully and the event started with a brilliant Ganesh Vandana, beautifully choreographed by Orators, Adorning bright sarees and sweet smiles on faces, it was an absolute delight to watch.

It was followed by a Solo rendition by TM Saishri Sastri on an upbeat folk song. It was so energizing and peppy even without any music that it just caught everyone’s attention!🌟✨💪🏻An energetic solo dance by an Enthusiastic Toastmaster Rahul Verma added more fun to the event.

A hip-hop Bollywood-style Dance performance on a medley of songs by our fireball Toastmasters was amazing! Followed by a group performance on Karaoke Melodies soothed everyone’s heart.


The unique Interactive- “Open Mic Antakshari” by TM Brindha and TM Sangita gave everyone a feeling of inclusion and invited them to participate wholeheartedly!

Even kids watched the video and said to their mommies .. “mamma.. Your orators are awesome..” 🐥🐥As the event proceeded, It got dark but it wasn’t dark enough to stop the stars from shining bright. Every performance was an excellence in itself✨Setting the stage on fire🔥🔥

Amidst a gathering of 100+ guests and members, families and kids, old and new members, it was indeed a grand celebration of the Milestone Anniversary for Each of the 3 Clubs. Hundreds of clicks in every phone created memories to be cherished for a long long time.



Hip Hip Hurray !!

Followed by scrumptious food, the event concluded with bright smiles and high hopes.

“Being proud of who you have become doesn’t mean you are perfect, it means you are aware of your growth and potential!”

With this thought in our hearts and minds, the event concluded but the spirit to celebrate, learn, and grow continues!

Written by Minaxi Mantena ( VPPR) and Harsha Ramanuj ( VPPR – Buddy )