Timid to Toastmaster – My MTM Journey

Timid to Toastmaster - My MTM Journey

Joining Mumbai Toastmasters (MTM) was initially intimidating. The club’s size was intimidating and the eloquence of its members made me question my own abilities. However, the welcoming atmosphere quickly put me at ease. When I was assigned a mentor, my real journey began.

My mentor immediately pushed me into tag team roles and my Icebreaker speech. I hesitated, but his words, “If you don’t start now, you’ll never be ready,” resonated with me. My first speech was a success, everyone congratulated me- my first tryst with confidence, but I overtimed —my first lesson in time management.

Within six months, I participated in multiple contests like Kahani, IPL, and Tall Tales. These experiences were transformative; my fear dwindled, and my love for speaking grew. Today, as I am a year old in MTM, I serve as MTM’s Vice President of Public Relations, learning daily about leadership, creativity, and time management.

In summary, MTM has been a transformative platform for me. The more you push yourself, the closer you get to your dreams. And when you are a dreamer, you become a leader.


Member of Mumbai Toastmasters since September 2022.