Celebrating Extraordinary Journeys

Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters: Celebrating Extraordinary Journeys


Creators of Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters Podcast. 

Joane Joseph 
Ron Billimoria

At the Eloquence 2023 conference, the idea for “Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters” took root. It all began when I left a podcast session and ran into Ron in the lobby. Ron jokingly suggested that we start our own podcast, and I candidly replied, “Yes, why not?” Little did I know that this casual conversation would lead to something special.

Our mission was straightforward: to share the stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things in the fields of communication and leadership. Six episodes in, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of incredible stories and valuable lessons.

Starting the podcast came with its fair share of challenges. Building an audience and conveying the value of our guests proved to be quite a task. Ron and I faced criticism and doubts, but we were fortunate to have the unwavering support of our fellow Toastmasters and friends who believed in our vision.

Moving forward, “Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters” aims to feature speakers and leaders, spotlighting their extraordinary journeys. Ultimately, our podcast celebrates the hero within each individual, shedding light on stories that often go unnoticed.

Ron and I are immensely grateful to our respective clubs, Kharghar Toastmasters and Palava Toastmasters, for their steadfast support. Within the Toastmasters community, we found a safe, positive, and nurturing environment to experiment, learn, and grow.

“Jo and Ro Talk Toastmasters” is all about celebrating everyday greatness through conversations. Our mission remains clear: to learn, uplift, and honor the unsung heroes among us.

 Written by Joane Joseph ( Member of Palava Toastmasters Club )