Gupshup – PR Event and Fun

Gupshup - PR Event of Rajasthan Toastmasters Club

Contributed by Rajasthan Toastmasters Club

Time waits for no one, so why not celebrate it to the fullest?

We are in a race with no destination, often fatigued and in need of rejuvenation.

What can soothe our mood?

Putting our hearts out to beloved people can do wonders.

Recently, we relived our childhood during the event “Gupshup,” which saw the enthusiastic participation of more than 35 people from various clubs and guests.

Together, we shared our thoughts and delved into the nostalgia of magical childhood games.

Our happiness didn’t stem from just being together; it sprouted from the smiles we brought to each other’s faces.

Their eyes were sparkling, and no one wanted to break away from the enchanting aura.

“Gupshup” commenced with a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces, but as time passed, we all became close buddies.

While modern kids learn about teamwork in school, the real bonding happens in moments like these—where we come together and cherish every single moment.

The day couldn’t have begun better than with yoga. We were transported to a different world, close to the mystical power of Om Chanting.

Let’s now get moving.

We then played Sitolia and Kho Kho, games that narrate the stories of our childhood.

As our stomachs started to grumble, we replenished our energy before moving back to the arena.

The tug of war began with a resounding war cry, and despite the sweat, everyone was still brimming with energy.

Now it was time to uncover our talents. Dance, music, and comic timing by our guests added an extra layer of joy to the atmosphere.

Our talented chefs then delighted our taste buds with Dal Bati Churma. Each bite brought a cascade of flavors to our lips.

The day concluded with warm wishes and blessings, leaving us with cherished memories that will linger for a long time.