Vital Role of Planning and Strategy in PR

Vital Role of Planning and Strategy in PR

“Creativity revolves around maintaining a childlike attitude and avoiding unnecessary details. This process is meant to be a fun learning journey, so embrace it with joy”

Every individual originates from diverse family, cultural, and professional backgrounds, which is why everyone possesses creativity. Just like Padma Shri Award winner Piyush Pandey, the World Wide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy, who hails from Jaipur and attributes his success to his family upbringing, his fondness for reciting Hindi poetry, and the lessons learned from life experiences.

Culture, family, and environment significantly influence one’s creativity, impacting how uniquely they perceive and project ideas. In public relations at Toastmasters, adhering to brand guidelines in all forms of communication is crucial. Similar to Toastmasters International, major brands have their own communication styles outlined in guidelines. But have you ever wondered why certain communication campaigns are exceptionally successful? Let’s discuss this.

Drawing from my experience as the Vice President of Public Relations at Amadavad Toastmasters Club, I divide the PR role into two objectives: raising awareness and fostering engagement.Social media stands as a powerful tool to showcase who you are and what you do for your audience.

At the beginning of my term, I created an Excel sheet titled ‘PR Yearly Plan’ encompassing major events of the year, including contests, festive greetings related to Toastmasters, and campaign ideas like #FriendshipForever and #WorldFoodDay. Planning aids in creating awareness, engaging people, and achieving desired results.

For every event, it’s crucial to understand the requirements of event leaders. For instance, during the  Division D – Area Conference, the objective was to attract maximum attendees using creative posters and captions. The aim was for people to have fun while creating a memorable experience, so we utilized WhatsApp stickers, memes, videos, phone calls, and innovative invitations. The form of communication varied according to the event’s objectives, ranging from creative flyers to engaging videos, all aimed at capturing the audience’s attention.

PR requires strategic planning: develop a yearly calendar with event details and ideas, then start executing them one by one. Always welcome feedback positively, and most importantly, maintain a childlike, unique, and creative approach. 😊


Written by –  Meghana Mehta

VPPR of Amdavad Toastmasters Club