Newness of Life with Toastmasters

Newness of Life with Toastmasters

My journey with Toastmasters began in May 2023. I had been seeking various public speaking platforms before joining Toastmasters, but I couldn’t find any. Accidentally, I came across a Facebook ad for Toastmasters, and I immediately inquired. Within 10 days, I became a member. Right from the first week, I fell in love with the way they designed the entire two-hour session. It ensures that every single person presented gets an opportunity to come on stage and speak a few words, which is incredible.

Public speaking had been on my radar for the last 3-4 years, but due to time constraints, I had avoided it. As I progressed in my professional life and assumed a leadership role, I understood the significance of public speaking and the importance of storytelling.

In my six-month journey with Toastmasters, I didn’t miss a single opportunity to step on stage. Even when speech slots were unavailable, I willingly took on roles like the Ah Counter or any other available opportunity. I became so accustomed to this platform that I am now a member of multiple clubs. Coming on stage has become somewhat of an addiction.

I’ve witnessed my progress from feeling nervous on stage to the confidence I hold now. I’ve learned that it’s an ongoing journey that shouldn’t be halted because, with each passing week, one becomes better and better. My plan is to continue this journey and improve further.

Every time I visited different clubs, I encountered many positive people. For instance, Zahid Shaikh and Armin Pastakia at Andheri OratorsAkshay Singh and Ranjini Rao at Goregaon Speakers Community (GSC)Juzer Udaipuri at Santacruz ClubAshwin and Kalyani at Mulund Club, were among those who generously supported me and provided ample opportunities to speak whenever I asked, without any hesitation. I can’t thank them enough for their support.

Receiving Best Prepared Speaker from Ranjini Rao at Goregaon Speakers Community (GSC) Toastmasters Club


Member of multiple clubs like  Andheri Orators, Santacruz, Goregaon Speakers Community (GSC), and Mulund Toastmasters Club.

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