Pulse of Club Success

Embracing Milestone Celebration : Pulse of Club Success in Toastmasters

Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”- Nelson Mandela

At Ghodbunder Toastmasters Club (GTM), we strongly believe in celebrating each milestone achieved by the club. Each and every success achieved by the club is a collective effort of all the members and milestone celebration is a moment of pride and joy for all of us. It is a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with extended family – families and friends of our valuable members.

GTM celebrated its 300th Milestone meeting on 18th November 2023 at Supreme Banquets, Hiranandani Medows, Thane (W). However, planning for this event started in the third week of August 2023. The venue was decided and booked by mid-September, 2023.

Club Officers (EXCOM) held several meetings with advisors, role players, chief editor for the magazine, veteran members, etc. to prepare for this meeting. Different committees were formed to manage the publishing of club magazine, awards, budget for the event, getting sponsors, etc. Publishing of the magazine was managed by VP- PR, chief editor, editors, and supporters. VP- Education allocated roles for various activities. The budget for the meeting was managed by the treasurer, President, and advisors. VP- Education, President, and advisors managed awards.

The Theme of the meeting was ‘Bollywood of 70’s and 80’s’. As GTM members’ families have always been part of our celebration meetings, all events have been organized in such a manner that everyone can participate and enjoy. Dignitaries from District 98 and other members of the Toastmasters fraternity had been invited.

The Area Director unveiled the Magazine’s 6th Issue of ‘REFLECTION’ along with the Chief Editor and VP -PR.

Attendees from all age groups enthusiastically participated in “Bollywood Damakka” a table Topic session based on topics related to movies, actors, songs, music, etc.

Then Game Anchor engaged the audience with interactive and fun-filled games such as tongue twister and ‘Bollywood Jodis’. Members and their families showcased their talents through melodious songs, mesmerizing dance performances, and mimicry.

Members have been awarded for Level Completion in their Learning pathway journey. members have been felicitated with the Commitment award for the highest attendance and for the most number of times winning Best speaker, Best evaluator, Best table topic speaker, Best of three (TMOD, TTM, and GE), and Best auxiliary role holders during club meetings. All the members with good standing were presented with mementos for their loyalty to the club.

Inspiring speeches by dignitaries and the Club President motivated members to actively participate in Toastmasters activities.

We are extremely grateful to the District Director, Division Director, and Area Director for gracing this milestone meeting with their presence and making it more special.

All attendees savored refreshing drinks, appetizing starters, and sumptuous dinners to satiate our taste buds. All the members created memories to be cherished or lifetime during this meeting. These memories are stored in our hearts, not in our minds. Kudos to the teamwork by EXCOM and all members for making the 300th celebration meeting a grand success.

Written by – Club Officer of Ghodbunber Toastmasters Club  – Sharmin  Italiya VP of Education