Push | Past | Perceptions

Push | Past | Perceptions Have you ever wondered what would life be like if we were not restricted by monetary limitations? Or let us assume the day wasn’t capped at 24 hours?

Curious | Creative | Change

Curious | Creative | Change My first corporate job was with a Big Four, where I joined as an intern and was later promoted to Consultant. For the unaware, the hierarchy in Big

Accept | Analyze | Act

Accept | Analyze | Act What is that one thing you shy away from doing and are embarrassed to confront? Being a Gujarati, I loved being part of the Navratri celebrations and attending

Reset | Restart | Refocus

Reset | Restart | Refocus After 12 years, 1.4 billion people almost saw their dream come true – India lifting the Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy. What a dominant performance we had in